Hosted IP Phone System Features

Mobility Applications For Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet
Stay connected while away from the workplace. Mobility applications (aka Softphones) allow users to make/receive calls, check voice mail, and change common settings through an app installed on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Advanced Call Handling
Never miss an important call when away from the office. Redirect telephone calls to another extension, outside telephone number, voice mail box, mobile device. Forward calls to multiple numbers, simultaneously or in sequence.

Click to Dial
Initiate a phone call by clicking on a telephone number, contact name, or by clicking on the icon. Place calls from home phone, cell phone, or any phone of your choosing, but present the caller ID from your work phone.

DID Numbers
Each phone has a unique telephone number. Phones can be configured to function as a DID system, or emulate a traditional key system if desired.

Auto Attendant
Allows callers to be automatically transferred pre-recorded messages with information, to an extension, a group of extensions, voice mail, mobile device, or any telephone number you wish without the use of a live person.

Advanced Hunt Group Capability with Optional Queuing
Distribute phone calls to a group of several employees. If no one is available in the group to answer the call, callers can optionally be queued and wait for the next available representative while listening to music and/or messaging of your choice.

Personalized Voice Mail
Full featured voice mail with customized greetings.

Voice Mail to E-mail
No more calling in to check your voice mails. Instead, if users choose, they can receive e-mails with an .mp3 attachment of the voice mail message to their PC or mobile device. Also, listen to voice mails via the web portal.

Fax to E-mail
Receive faxes as PDFs to your PC or mobile device.

Administrator Web Portal
Your administrator can control line features and settings on phones for the entire business.

End User Web Portal
Designated individual users can have control over their own extensions and IP phones.

Music and Messaging on Hold
Play recorded music or company advertisement to fill the silence that would be heard by callers who have been placed on hold. Click Here for Music on Hold Options

Call Pick Up Groups
When a user hears an incoming call ringing on another phone, the user can redirect the call to their own phone and answer the call.

Extension Dialing
Station to station calling with 4 digit extensions and internal caller ID.

Call Logs
Maintain a directory of calls user missed, received, and placed.

Three Way Calling
Ability to have a phone conversation with three callers.

Caller ID with Name
Caller name and telephone number populated on display of phone.